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Tuesday & Wednesday, June 4 & 5

We learned that Cameron has a highly aggressive form of brain cancer and if the brain tumor wasn't enough, we also learned that there was another sizable tumor on the base of his spine.  His brain has a number of other nodules that are too small to operate on and remove.  The plan was to have 2 surgeries at the same time to remove as much of 2 larger tumors as possible.  

Cameron did not understand why he needed to be at the hospital.  His brothers visited and cheered him up as must as possible.  We spent much of  this time with Cameron, meeting with his awesome neuro-surgical and oncology teams at the hospital, and taking in as much information from other top research centers in the country.   These conversations were extremely helpful and could not have been done without the help of contacts from various friends and family.   We also had many friends in the Bay Area and around the world who were very helpful in keeping us caffeinated, fed, and positive.  

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