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Tuesday, June 18

Rough night due to the long MRI the afternoon/evening before.  Good news is that his sodium levels are finally leveling off and we have been able to get him off of the last drip, which has been keeping him in the PICU.  Retention will be key during chemo and it will be imperative for him to keep high sodium levels before he begins treatment.  We almost heard our first laugh today - Elizabeth and I were doing some leg stretches, and in order for him to apply pressure on his left leg,  I put my head down over the bed about 4 inches from his foot and told him to kick me in the face...he made a nice big grin and then started to look like he was going to laugh, but did not.  Harper stopped by after his water polo camp and took a newly unhooked Cameron for a walk in a wheelchair around one of the gardens and then read him a book.

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