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PT / OT - Sat & Sun, June 8 & 9

On Saturday, he is not a happy camper, especially when his pain meds wear off.  2 big steps in the morning - (1) the neurosurgical resident removed his dressings from his head and back, and (2) he was able to eat a whole cup of chocolate ice cream.  Unfortunately, he was unable to hold it all down.  He is on all sorts of medications and  stayed asleep most of the day.  There are usually verbal issues when having a tumor that size removed - we were able to utilize hand cues (thumbs up=yes, holding up index finger=need to pee, etc.).  Watched Despicable Me 3 without the sound on. 

On Sunday, the pain meds were working,  Cameron seemed to be comfortable, but the left side of his body was in pain.  Had PT for the first time and was able to sit on Elizabeth's lap for 10 minutes.  He was extremely content and ate pancakes for lunch and dinner.  Spent time time watching a number of movies. 

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