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Where to start. Cam finished his first round of high dose chemo and came home on October 16th. On his last day in the hospital he had another sedated MRI to check on his disease burden. The good news is the disease continues to respond to chemo and shrink. There is still evidence of disease/dissemination but there are no solid tumors left. The bad news is that Cam is still dealing with hydrocephalus/shunt issues. We’ve met with the neurosurgical team at UCSF several times and the ventricles are currently decreasing so the team does not want to surgically intervene... yet.

Cam has done really well since returning home. He’s eating some regular foods (cinnamon toast crunch for the win) and he’s now able to maneuver around on his own a bit. He also welcomed his little sister into the fold on October 21st. He was very excited to meet her but very suspicious of her high pitched cry. The new neighborhood threw Cam his very own Halloween last weekend and he was able to trick or treat with some friends. It’s been so good to see him get to be a kid again, even if only for a short while. He’s scheduled to start his next high dose round on November 4th.

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