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“I sound my barbaric Yawp over the roofs of the world”

Whitman said it best - how else would you would you describe a shout filled with fear, happiness, anger, joy, anxiety, thankfulness, rage, and celebration? We're sure everyone is feeling the same around the world right now... even though Whitman was coming from a place of freedom and we’re all in captivity.

A few weeks ago, we had concerns about Covid and pulled Harper and Baden from school (3 days before California mandated schools and our district shutdown). We wanted to be proactive because of the risk to Cameron. despite our best efforts, Harper spiked a fever 9 days in to isolation. We then confined him to his room - isolated within isolation. His fever climbed to 104 - and everyone in our house was scared AF. He had a fever but no other symptoms for 5 days; when his fever finally broke, he started to cough. At that point we took him to a pop-up drive-thru respiratory clinic in San Carlos Where he tested positive for type A flu. while we were relieved it wasn’t Covid, Harper continued to quarantine because the flu is still very dangerous for Cameron. The good news is that after more than two weeks in isolation he has recovered and he and his newly-developed imaginary friend Chuck have been reintroduced to the rest of the house.

About a month ago, Cameron began a lower-dose maintenance chemo protocol (this protocol likely won’t stop an aggressive relapse but would control growth so that we could have an opportunity to treat at relapse). He‘s tolerating it very well; he’s continued to have more energy and has made huge strides with his physical therapy. He’s even taken up yoga with Harper!

and now for the best part. Yesterday, Cameron had his standard 2 month post-treatment brain and spine MRI to check for any signs of disease. It was great to find out that his scan was clear and there was no evidence of new disease. A HUGE win, especially with the aggressive tumor type he has. Now we wait another 2 months for the next scan.

We hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying this time with their family.

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