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Home - July 22 - 24

We FINALLY returned home. Cameron was so excited to hang out with his brothers and sleep in his own bed (and the couch). It was great to finally be out of the hospital.

Cameron talked non-stop to his brothers and it was great to see him smile and laugh. It was also great to switch up the movie choices —- we must have watched Despicable Me 1&2 about 100 times each over the last 2 months.

On Tuesday, we were able to take him to the pool. He had a huge smile when his toes hit the water. It was our only chance to hit the water and have something of summer since he won’t be able to go in a pool after Thursday’s surgery. The pool was something Cameron has always loved. He hadn’t been back to the pool since the 2 days before he went to get his MRI. On that day, he was jumping in the deep end by himself and doggy-paddling to the ladder. Amazing how fast things change. He has started to get very frustrated with not being able to do the things he used to, and it’s been tough for him to understand why. He was happy though to at least be in the pool and hanging with his brother and mom.

On Wednesday, we started the day off at Stanford to get labs drawn. Cameron then had a water balloon fight with his brothers. Since he has been on an NG tube, it was great to see him try to eat yogurt and fruit.

Cam went to bed early since his day starts at 4:45am on Thursday, so that he can get to the city for his surgery, and start his second cycle of chemo.

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