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Home 2nd Cycle - 1 week later

It’s been great having Cameron home. He’s been at home for a full week now. Even as his counts have dropped and continue to bottom out, he’s been in such a better mood. He was even able to make a short trip to the park earlier in the week. This morning he woke up and talked to his brothers non stop. He even wanted to make lemonade and sell outside of our house with them. His brothers have been the best cure for happiness...and a little red blood cell transfusion doesn't hurt either.

This week has had many ups and downs - we are expecting our RN degrees soon from the University of Hard Knocks. We are now pros at replacing NG tubes, setting feeds, changing port dressings, drawing blood for labs, flushing and hep locking the port, administering shots and medicine, taking vitals, maintaining his home pharmacy, etc. etc. He's had to go back to UCSF twice - transfusion and outpatient chemo. We've come to realize that even though we are at home, we still need to spend a considerable amount of time at the hospital. Tomorrow we return to the hospital for the third time this week. Cameron does not like going back to the hospital, but there is much comfort in being able to return home, sit on his couch, sleep in his bed, and wake up to be able to talk to his brothers.

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