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Halfway through Chemo!

Cam was admitted on 8/21 for what we thought would be another brain surgery but thankfully the rapid MRI he had showed that the shunt adjustment was in fact working so instead, he started chemo induction cycle three. He did fairly well through the cycle and had a lot more energy to play with his brothers and work on his walking. After a week of chemo he was discharged and got to meet Cocoa, the newest family member. He also got to play with lots of new toys that friends and family near and far have sent (thanks so much to everyone who has thought of our family).

Unfortunately his counts dropped to severely low levels the following week and he was re-admitted on 9/5 to get multiple transfusions and to monitor for fevers/infection. He’s had three platelet transfusions and two packed red blood cell transfusions since then. He’s starting to get some energy back so we’re hoping to get him home soon. His fourth round of chemo (which is his first high dose round where the doctors will “rescue” him with his own stem cells) is set to start on 9/23.

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