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Christmas Came Early

Cameron has been feeling a lot better since his shunt was fixed in mid-November. He was admitted for his last round of chemo on December 6th. We knew he would have to have a clean round in order for him to get home in time for Christmas, so we've spent the past few weeks disinfecting everyone and everything that has come into contact with him and crossing our fingers and toes.

He had his final cocktails of Carboplatin and Thiotepa December 7th and 8th and received his final stem cell transplant on December 10th. Aside from a bout of mucusitis, he's done really well; he hasn't even run a fever! His team felt that he was doing so well, that they could discharge him early on December 23rd. This was his last round of planned treatment so we gathered with his whole team to watch him ring the end-of-treatment bell.

It has been a long and hard seven months since his diagnosis but we're so excited that he's finished up his chemo and is able to spend the holidays at home with us. We received some really encouraging news; the team tested his cerebral-spinal fluid in mid-November just before his shunt surgery and found that it was negative for tumor cells. It's a great sign, but we won't know for sure if we're finished with treatment until Cam's end-of-treatment MRI in mid January to check to see if there is any evidence of disease. Once we have those results we'll know what our next steps will be. There is still a long road ahead of us, but we'll chalk this up as a victory.

We are so proud of our little man for still having a smile on his face after everything he's endured. We're also proud of Harper and Baden for being the best brothers/cheerleaders, and Peyton for her willingness to go to any and every nurse who offered to hold her so that we could focus on Cam and his treatment. Happy Holidays everyone!

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