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A Monster Thank You

It’s amazing how quickly lives turn upside down with as many words as we have fingers on one hand. 39 days ago our world changed but our friends did not. While Cam‘s blood levels are currently at their lowest point in his first cycle, it is extremely tough to post positive updates or pictures, but it is not difficult to thank our friends, families, colleagues, teammates, community and especially all of the blood donors out there. Words cannot describe how grateful our family is to have such a great uplifting supportive sphere around us. The emails, texts, calls, snacks, coffee runs, dinners, meal cards, toys, pick ups, drop offs, play dates, etc. have been so helpful. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, and you have all been great in allowing us to pace ourselves and keep the world as normal as possible for Harper and Baden.

Cameron has been neutropenic the last couple of days - skin is pale as a ghost, red around the eyes, and he is extremely lethargic. What’s amazing is that he is still going through his 3-hours of rehab workouts each day. He‘s got an extraordinary large amount of grit, toughness, persistence, and determination in quantities that could only be linked to his mother. His rehab team is is excited about his progress so far and we’re hopeful that he continues to have great progress next week, especially as his counts start to come back up.

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