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A New Normal

The past six weeks have been wonderful. Harper qualified for a swim meet in Arizona and we decided to drive there with Cam, Baden, and Peyton, with a few stops on the way in Las Vegas, the Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon, and Joshua Tree (don’t worry, Cam’s medical team signed off). Cam and Baden fell in love with the castle at Excalibur in Vegas and the pirate ships at Treasure Island and Peyton slept 80% of the time; win-win.

Cameron has been making great strides with rehab; last week he started riding his three wheeler. It’s been amazing to see him get to be a kid again. Meanwhile, he had a second MRI in mid-February (to be on the safe side) and the team re-confirmed that there is no evidence of disease. While we would love to be finished with treatment, Cameron has a very aggressive tumor which has a high risk of relapse. We consulted with our team and a few other leading children’s oncology hospitals and have decided to start a new chemo protocol. We are going to be monitoring his counts closely and are hoping that he can tolerate the protocol for at least 6-12 months. The treatment consists of 28 day cycles that include 2 days of out-patient chemo infusions at UCSF and 5 days of home chemo. Cam had his first infusion this morning, and had his first dose of home chemo this evening. He took it like a champ!

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