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5th Cycle

After 2 great weeks at home, Cameron was admitted Monday morning for his 5th round of chemo. We were able to get an extra week at home since we were waiting for his counts to be right. It was the best time we’ve had as a family since June and it was the first time he started to feel, sound, and act like himself.

He received his powerful chemo cocktails over the last two days and he’ll have a much deserved day off tomorrow in preparation for his stem-cell transplant on Friday.

He is a tough kid. While it hasn’t been easy, he has been handling the last two days better compared to the same days during the last cycle. He’s been active coloring, playing with legos, singing, and watching his favorite movies.

In the previous round, Elizabeth was not able to touch him while he was on chemo because she was pregnant (one of his chemos, Thiotepa, is excreted through the skin). Now that Peyton is out and about, Elizabeth and Aunt T have been able to spend more time with him and provide much needed entertainment (including a nightly chemo dance party).

Unfortunately, Peyton is not able to be in Cam’s room while he is on the BMT service which creates some logistical hurdles, but the nurses have loved taking time looking after her.

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