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2nd Cycle Begins

Cam began his second cylcle of chemo yesterday. He started the day off at 4:45am with a drive to the city for surgery. He was not happy to head back since he had a great three days home with his brothers. He had his port replaced, since the port placed at Stanford was not the best fit for high dose chemo. The new port will make the process easier for stem cell rescue and transplant.

The surgery went great. When he woke up, he had 3 popsicles. He was then transported to his room on the oncology floor to prep for his second cycle.

He was able to make his pH much faster than last cycle and started his vincristine and methotrexate early Thursday evening.

He seems stronger this cycle, but much more pissed off. He has started to fight everyone - nurses, doctors, and even his parents. His neuro-oncologist believes that it’s a good thing. He needs to stay stubborn and continue to fight.

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