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1st Cycle of High Dose Chemo with Stem Cell Transplant Complete

Cameron checked in to the BMT unit on Monday to begin his high dose chemo regimen of Carboplatin and Thiotepa. Cameron was given fluids all day Monday and started his chemo at 9 am Tuesday morning. He was given Carboplatin in the morning and Thiotepa in the afternoon. He received the same chemo on Wednesday as well. These are new drugs that Cameron was not on during the first three cycles. Due to the high dose nature of these drugs and the effect they have on the marrow, Cameron received a stem cell transplant on Friday (these were the stem cells collected prior to the start of his third cycle). If not for the stem cell transplant, it would take considerable more time for count recovery.

The Thiotepa brought another nuance - Cameron needed to be bathed 3 times a day since the drug is excreted through the skin. If not cleaned it could create a nasty irritation or a burn on his skin.

After receiving 2 days of chemo cam had a day off before getting the stem cells. On his day off, he had a low temp but was able to push through over night.

Harper was able to come by on Friday after his transplant to hang out and celebrate with Cam. Unfortunately, Baden is not able to visit at the hospital since there is an age restriction for this protocol, but he’s been able to get in some FaceTime.

Cameron will remain inpatient over the next 2 to 3 weeks until his counts come back.

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