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1 week since diagnosis - Monday, June 10

Mondays suck - we received good news and bad news today.  Good news is that the Path came back and it was not ATRT, bad news is that it is likely Group 3/4 Medulloblastoma.  Group 3/4 have limited data and the treatment options have severe consequences for kids of Cameron's age.  We'll know the group of Medulloblastoma for sure when we receive the molecular testing results over the next few days.  There are literally 300-400 people (kids and adults) who get diagnosed with Medulloblastoma each year and there are four types of Medulloblastoma so the data is very limited.  The sample sets for children  Cameron's age are even smaller within the few clinical trials.   

Cameron had an MRI to see if the volume of fluid in his head had gone down.  After the MRI, he was given a revised pain regimen which seemed to be working.  He was able to rest quietly and fall asleep while watching Beauty and the Beast before dinner.

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